Housekeeping Services

Our Housekeeping division is responsible for the upkeep of offices ,hotels, hospitals, complexes, IT parks, Airports, Industrial units etc.. The services by us under this category comprises daily cleaning ,vacuuming, trash removal, floor care, restroom cleaning, interior galls cleaning, Glazed window cleaning,

Services rendered by INCARE

Day to day maintenance cleaning services of

Facility Management Services

  • Carpet Cleaning & shampooing
  • Clean room cleaning
  • Sewerage
  • Waste disposal
  • Detail cleaning
  • Grass cutting Maintenance
  • High pressure water cleaning
  • Cleaning consolation on cleaning management
  • Glass Cleaning Services
  • Sofa cleaning Services
  • Upholstery Cleaning Services
  • Computer Cleaning Services
  • Façade Cleaning Services
  • Landscape work ?Soft Landscape
  • Pest Control Services
  • Mobile cleaning
  • hospital
  • Trans Care Services
  • Terminal cleaning services – A cleaning system cater for day to day cleaning of high – traffic environment i.e. Airport, Railway Station and Bus terminal.
  • Cabin cleaning.

  • Office Care Services
  • General cleaning services cater for corporate office.
  • Telephone sanitation services cater for cleaning and sanitation of telephones in office.
  • Build Care Services
  • Building maintenance Cleaning services – Contractual cleaning services cater for day to day maintenance of building, shopping complex, trade center, factory, commercial complex, colleges , etc.
  • Post construction cleaning services – Initial cleaning services cater for newly constructed building prior to hand over of vacant possession.
  • Floor care services – A treatment and cleaning system cater for the maintenance of all types of granite, marble, natural stone, ceramic, wooden, synthetic and fabricated floor finishes.
  • External high level cleaning services – Intensive cleaning services cater for curtain glass wall and concrete, tiled and aluminum wall cladding.
  • House Care Services
  • Housekeeping services -House cleaning services cater for luxurious apartment, Hotel.
  • Intensive cleaning services cater for residential house and apartment.
  • Hospital Care Services
  • Hospital environmental cleaning& disinfection
  • Carpet Care Services

    Steam extraction service-An intensive cleaning system cater for natural wool and synthetic fiber carpet and fiber upholstered sofa

    Waste Disposal Services
  • We also provide the service of wastage disposal on daily basis from your premises to the wastage yard. (Waste disposal bin will also be provided if required)
  • Sewerage Services
  • We provide sewerage services ,wastage disposal and cleaning services
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